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Perianal Abscess

A perianal abscess is a localized collection of pus near the anus or in the surrounding anal region. It is often caused by an infection that originates in one of the small glands inside the anus. When these glands become blocked, bacteria can multiply, leading to the formation of an abscess.

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Perianal abscesses can be diagnosed through a physical examination by a healthcare professional. Treatment typically involves draining the abscess to release the pus. This can be done through a minor surgical procedure performed in a healthcare provider's office or clinic. In some cases, anesthesia may be used to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

After drainage, the wound may be left open to heal on its own, or a seton (a piece of material like a thread or rubber band) may be placed to allow for continued drainage and prevent abscess recurrence. Antibiotics may also be prescribed if there is evidence of a systemic infection.

It's important for individuals experiencing symptoms of a perianal abscess to seek medical attention promptly. Delayed treatment can lead to complications such as the spread of infection or the formation of a fistula (an abnormal connection between two body parts).

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